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Changes to the bond market structure, liquidity and benchmarks are impacting the Valuation process. Greater transparency and frequency are two of the key ways Vendors are responding. On the Buy Side, compliance with regulation is driving users to look at ways to implement cost effective systems to manage multiple sources of valuation and pricing across the firms independent valuation functions.

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Andrew Shrimpton

Global Head - Regulatory Compliance

Kinetic partners aifmd valuation and reporting issues - 26 nov 2014 from Voltaire Advisors

Evaluated Pricing Developments

Mark Hepsworth

President - EMEA

Infographic - Continuous Evaluated Pricing

Roderik Gonggrijp

Director - Product & Content

Jayme Fagas

Global Head of Evaluated Pricing


Evaluated Pricing panel - Voltaire Advisors Valuation Risk Forum from Voltaire Advisors

1 week, 5 days ago: New fund valuation related enforcement from the SEC. This time it costs a hedge fund $5m!