VIVA™ Service Package 2017/18

Voltaire Independent Valuation Advisory for Mutual Funds, Private Funds, their Advisers and Service Providers

Every year brings a diverse set of valuation challenges for mutual funds, and 2016 was no exception. Notable fund valuation and pricing vendor related issues that emerged during the year were:

2017 will inevitably also have its fair share of fund valuation tests, with a continued focus on the pricing of odd-lot bonds, alternative assets and ETF’s, plus the usual set of unanticipated dilemmas along the way. At the same time, fund directors and officers are faced with planning for the new Liquidity Management rules which have significant asset pricing implications. We are also expecting further consolidation in the pricing and index vendor market, with all the due diligence, contractual and operational transition that requires.

Valuation and the use of third party vendors to help determine fair value is one of the more technical and complex duties facing mutual fund boards and officers. Outgoing SEC Chair White highlighted this in a speech last year where she urged fund boards to consider hiring subject matter experts to ensure that they were equipped to address these requirements.

In response to this, Voltaire Advisors has created a new annual service package to assist mutual fund boards, directors, officers and investment advisers in complying with their valuation obligations.

Our VIVA™ service is a comprehensive and coherent annual package of events, publications and research designed to keep fund valuation professionals fully apprised of issues and challenges in their field. This includes:

  • Detailed surveys, analysis and discussion of major questions and concerns on valuation matters by Voltaire Advisors experts
  • Deep-dive research, market intelligence and events covering mission critical topics
  • Contributed articles, panel discussions and presentations from industry experts, including mutual and private fund managers, administrators, auditors, law firms, consultants and vendors
  • An option to exploit our deep domain knowledge with private briefings and advice

Our unique expertize lies at the intersection of regulatory compliance, operational challenges and the deployment of third party solutions in fund valuation. We look at these issues from a practical, rather than a purely legal, angle. With an innovative contributory and participatory model of events and webinars supporting our written analysis, there is no better way for professionals to stay on top of this mission critical topic.

The annual cost of this package is $3000 and subscriptions can be booked using the button on the left. Full details and a schedule of planned events and publications it covers during 2017, can also be downloaded using the buttons on the left.


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